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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Classic papers in Community Ecology

Recommendations by: Stefan Schnitzer. Assistant Professor. Department of Biological Sciences. University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Journal Papers

Hairston, Smith, & Slobodkin 1960. Community structure, population control, and competition. American Naturalist 91: 421-425.

Connell, J.H. 1961. The influence of interspecific competition and other factors on the distribution of the barnacle Chthamalus stellatus. Ecology 42: 710-723.

Paine, R.T. 1966. Food web complexity and species diversity. American Naturalist 100: 65-75.

Janzen, D.H. 1970. Herbivores and the number of tree species in tropical forests. American Naturalist 104: 501-528.

Tilman, D. 1977. Resource competition between planktonic algae: an experimental and theoretical approach. Ecology 58: 338-348. (For more details on the R* theory, see

Tilman 1982: resource competition and community structure. Princeton University Press.

Connell, J.H. 1978. Diversity in tropical rainforests and coral reefs. Science 199: 1302-1310.


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