A Plant Ecology & Physiology Literature Guide: What to Read by the Ones that Write on it

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tree Physiology

Recommendations by: Thijs L. Pons. Department of Plant Biology. Utrecht University, The Journal Netherlands

Journal Articles
Atkin OK, Scheurwater I and Pons TL. 2006.
High thermal acclimation potential of both photosynthesis and respiration in two lowland Plantago species in contrast to an alpine congeneric. Global Change Biology 12:500-515.

Sterck FJ, Schieving F, Lemmens A and Pons TL. 2005. Performance of trees in forest canopies: explorations with a bottom-up functional-structural plant growth model. New Phytologist 166: 827-843.

Mommer L, Pons TL, Wolters-Arts M, Venema JH and Visser EJW. 2005. Submergence-induced morphological, anatomical, and biochemical responses in a terrestrial species affect gas diffusion resistance and photosynthetic performance. Plant Physiology 139: 497-508.

Books and book chapters

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